DST Team Developers

"People inspired innovation."

Who are we

We are DST Team Developers, a small team of passionate programmers based in Vietnam. We are dedicated to creating useful and innovative mobile apps, websites and robotics.


The values that define our spirit

DST Team Developers firmly upholds the belief that strong values are the foundation of a successful business. These core values, complemented by a stringent code of conduct, serve as the guiding principles behind every decision the company undertakes.

Our mission & approach

DST Team Developers adheres to a straightforward business tenet: to employ its expertise and technological prowess in the development of exceptional products and services that positively impact the community. DST Team Developers places a premium on its personnel and technologies in order to accomplish this.

"People inspired innovation"

We believe in harnessing the collective power of human insights, creativity, and needs to drive our development endeavors. This motto serves as the cornerstone of our approach, emphasizing that the most meaningful and impactful solutions arise when we truly understand and connect with the people we aim to serve. By placing people at the heart of our innovation process, we strive to create products and solutions that not only meet expectations but exceed them, making a tangible and positive difference in the lives of those we serve.



• Recruit and train many young members, support members to develop and demonstrate their talents
• Develop a number of projects aimed at a sustainable green environment
• Technology transfer to a number of partners and customers


• The Plantae application becomes prominent in the world, reaching the top 10 highest rated plant identification applications in the world
• Unveiled Medicine Reminder project by bmX-robotics team
• Establish sustainable cooperation with DST Team Studio


• The Plantae application is well received by users in 215 countries with more than 41,000 installations
• The Plantae project won the 2021 National Science and Technology Fair (ViSEF)
• Released Messages Time machine application
• Established "bmX-robotics" research team
• Unveiled the bmX artificial intelligence robot project


• Unveiled the COVMON - nCoV monitor application, along with international cooperation with Kompa Group
• Unveiled Messages Time machine application
• Unveiled Auto capture application
• Released The Plantae application
• Unveiled My love story application


• Stollen Detection project won the 2019 National Science and Technology Fair (ViSEF)
• Stollen Detection application were introduced in online newspapers and national television
• Some of the team's products have received support from many users from across the country
• Unveiled Smart Healthcare application


• The team leader then re-formed the team, renamed DST Team Developers
• Published a website introducing the team and its products
• Released our first Android app: Stollen Detection, which was later published on the Google Play store


• Released our first Windows app
• Unveiled several research and development plans
• The team later disbanded due to age and geographical distance


• DST Team (renamed DST Team Inc. in 2018) was established with 5 members and merged with TST Group
• Unveiled our first Windows app

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