Stollen Detection


Protect your phone from being stolen!


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Stollen Detection

Protect your phone from being stolen!


Based on our research, we have realized that there are many similar applications named "Don't touch my phone". However, these applications still have some limitations / problems such as: Unable to run when the screen is off, less attentional sound, speaker can be turned off, unable to run in background, using lots of energy... . We have tried to solve these mentioned problems in Stollen detection in order to provide the best for our users, a product that can protect your phone from being stolen!


• Highlight features:

- Quickly activated from quick settings menu.

- Loud sounding horn, anti-mute, allowing customizing the volume, always using the phone speaker.

- Anti-power-off - When restarting the phone, operation will automatically resum (in case the battery runs out or being removed from the machine).

- Automatic mode recognition (Using AI technology).

- Sending notification (through E-mail, SMS-messaging), notifying nearby devices (through Bluetooth).

- Capturing thief’s face.

- Flashes when alarming (draws attention to people nearby by sight).

- Hiding background process of the program.

- Temporarily deactivating itself when the owner is usingthe  phone, automatically resuming when the owner is not using the phone.

- Alarming and asking for password even when your phone is still in lock screen, personal biometrics supported (fingerprint authentication) to stop the alarm.

- Call detection – display contacts, contact names and phone numbers (avoid alarm when you pick up the phone).

- New trendy interface - simple, convenient, beautiful!


• Required permissions:
- Display over other apps.
- Modify system settings.
- Ignoring battery optimizations.
- Read phone state, read contacts, using camera, write external storage, access location, send SMS. (and some other system permissions)

App developing by Trang Si Thai, Huynh Lam Tinh, Tran Nguyen Hoan Nhi, Bui Thuc Thien