Realtime monitoring COVID-19 Virus

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COVMON - nCov Monitor

Realtime monitoring COVID-19 Virus


COVMON is a software that helps you monitor the situation of COVID-19 Virus in real time.
In addition, the software can statistic data of countries around the world and put on the map, notify new cases, alert the possibility of infection in the area near you, give some tips,...


COMMON is a software that helps people in Vietnam manage the situation of COVID-19 virus. In cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and the Kompa Group, we developed this software with many good features: disease statistics in the world and in Vietnam, providing the latest news, giving advice, advice to ensure the health of the community, notify when in dangerous areas,... The app will help everyone in Vietnam to keep somewhat calm and receive accurate information to avoid false information!


• Required permissions:
- Internet.
- Access device location.

App developing by Huynh Lam Tinh, Trang Si Thai

COVMON is currently not publicly available on the Google Play Store, you can download the .APK version to experience it for free now!